1.3.1 2013/10/30

  • Areas adjacent to your own owner area is no longer "overseas". aka, no more penalty on integrating vassal etc when neighbour to your home.
  • Holding down more than one key (copypaste etc) now works again
  • Fixed broken scrollbar in the macrobuildinterface
  • Fixed the broken DLC units

1.3 2013/10/30

New Features

  • 三つの新たな国家に、ディシジョンで変態できる。ハノーヴァー、ウェストファリア、ギリシア。
    Three new countries can now be formed through decision. Hannover, Westfalia and Greece.
  • アフリカに対する小規模な拡張がなされた。コンゴとマリのnational idea、サブサハラ技術グループ用の騎兵、コンゴ、エチオピア、マリ、ソンガイ用のフレーバー・イベント、そして新たな叛乱国家ジョロフ。
    Minor enhancements to Africa done, with national ideas for Kongo & Mali, cavalry for sub-saharan techgroup, flavor events for Kongo, Ethiopia, Mali & Songhai, and a new revolter country Jolof.
  • 騎士団は特有のnational ideaを得た。
    The Knights have gained unique national ideas.
  • 5つの新たなアチーブメント。「ほんの小さな辛抱」、「誰も死にたくない」、「愛を倍に」、「形勢逆転」、「自由か死か」
    5 new achievements, Just a Little Patience, Nobody wants to die, Double the Love, Turning the Tide, Liberty or Death.
  • 新たなledgerぺージの追加。世界中のあらゆる交易品の位置を示す。
    New ledgerpage added, showing the location of all tradegoods in the world.



  • Rebalanced landcombat algoritms to be based on direct values instead of relative bonuses. aka, lategame is as bloody as early game.
  • Moved away the quality impact from scaling weaponmodifier to scale actual damage.
  • There is now damage on morale on units in the backline during a landcombat.
  • Tweaked up strength damage slightly in landcombat.
  • Navallandings now have a penalty of -2.


  • Provincetradepower is now given to controller of province, not owner.
  • Trade steering now also modifies the amount of money that goes forward from a tradenode you have a trader in.


  • Fleets now leave settlement whenever it is destroyed, instead of dying.
  • You can no longer detach blockades if its only transports left in it.
  • Unitmovement is now cancelled when a unit attached to another unit.
  • You can't do harsh treatments in a province you don't control
  • Moving units through a siege does no longer give them a ghost 1% attrition.
  • Attaching units now syncs their movement to the target unit.
  • You can now enter ally's occupied TI provinces when at war.
  • Patrols no longer warp to adjacent ports when set on patrol.
  • Disabled forced march on inherited units.
  • Splitted units now keep their exile status.
  • Fixed an issue where units could get stuck at the edge of a battle, leading to an never ending battle.


  • Its no longer possible to sell provinces to anyone at war.
  • Tweaked down lucky impact on inheritances from +10% to +5%.
  • Annexation & Integration progress is now halted if the capital of the minor is occupied.
  • Expansion cb is only on those with capital in asia, and is also accessible to ottoman techgroup.
  • Countries will no longer lose cores on non-culturegroup provinces when annexed
  • Integrating or annexing an overseas vassal/unionpartner is now far slower.
  • Releasing a primitive country as a vassal no longer gives them your technology.

War & Peace

  • Can no longer release a nation if all its provinces are already promised to another nation to be released.
  • Fixed a cash exploit in peace negotiations.
  • Revoking electorate through war now reduces Imperial Authority by 10.
  • When Japan forces a daimyo to release another daimyo, that daimyo will become a vassal of Japan
  • Cancel all access with lesser union partners aswell (previously only cancelled with vassals) when going to war against them.
  • Fixed issue with changing side in the war when making someone your vassal
  • An overlord called into a wall by a vassal will now call its personal union warlord.
  • Daimyos will now call in their own coalitions, not their Shoguns (fix for all nations that allow vassal war)
  • You cannot take the last provinces of a country while also releasing nations from that country.
  • Newly formed vassals will not force you to join their old wars.
  • Fixed an issue where a country would be considered at war when it actually was not.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could immediately revassalize a country after being forced to release it in war
  • Players can now be replaced as warleader in a defensive war as well.
  • You can no longer leave coalitions if you are at war with the target.


  • Insults now decay.
  • You will no longer get AE from inheriting another country.
  • Cancelled vassals no longer get "At war" negative modifier with the country that cancelled them.
  • 'Was at War' opinion modifier is now applied at the end of a war.
  • Rev & Counter-rev gives 50% AE instead of 75%.


  • Maintenance costs for colonies above limit is now properly adding +100% that it was missing before.
  • Cotton now only gives +5% colonist chance.
  • Coring costs are now correct for colonies started before a tag change.


  • Hordes can not westernise unless they have reformed their government,


  • Defender of the faith wargoal can now be applied when declaring war.
  • Defender of the faith now gives normal deus vult cb as well.
  • Now you need to wait 36 months between excommunication
  • HRE members of same religion as emperor will no longer get upset when emperor enforces religious unity on another member.
  • The Test Act, Superintendent Office, The Popery Act & The Conventicle Act is now cleared when converting religion.


  • Cores will now expire on the correct date
  • Enabling wartaxes no longer increases WE by 1.
  • Unions now end when the subject dislikes the overlord, as tooltips says.
  • Lesser countries in a union no longer get stability hits when the monarch dies.
  • Pretenders breaking a union also breaks the royal marriage.
  • Can no longer change luck in a saved game.
  • Unions breaking from event effects now give propepr cb & shows message as well.
  • Pretenders taking control in lesser union countries now breaks the union.
  • You can no longer core provinces adjacent to overseas vassals, unless in colonial range.


  • AI: Less likely to switch attitudes and become hostile/rival towards an ally
  • AI: Higher prio on building temples
  • AI: Less likely to choose allies as rivals
  • AI: Less predictable about who they will choose as a rival
  • AI is now less willing to peace early in a war
  • Fixed a bug where rebels could get exiled
  • Attached AI units that are exiled will now detach to go home
  • Reduced AI skill with armies on Low difficulty
  • Fixed a bug where the invasion AI would launch suicide attacks on provinces under siege
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to launch suicidal naval invasions of besieged provinces
  • Fixed a bug that was causing exiled AI units to not return home
  • AI should no longer throw away leaders if it has less than pool allows.
  • Fixed a bug which made the AI very unlikely to send missionaries.


  • Fixed bug in MP where all players would assume control of a released vassal if "play as vassal" was selected.
  • Can no longer choose random country after clicking ready in MP
  • Fixed two different Out of Syncs.
  • Fixed one major reason for OOS_67.

Interface Improvements


  • Change Government: Don't show legitimacy in confirm dialog for non-monarch
  • The tooltip for "advisors slots available" alert is now clearer


  • Sort mission button is now functional
  • Stabilized the papacy votes list.


  • Added extra digit in inflation tooltip
  • Repay bank loan message is now more descriptive.


  • Actions that aren't available after the crusades ended (1650) are now visible but disabled
  • Added icon for war overview for countries that cannot negotiate peace (b/c of unions, vassals, etc)
  • Added icon in Diplomacy view for members of the HRE.
  • Added icon for non negotiable participant in waroverview.
  • Fixed Enforce peace message to others so its clear who signed peace with whom, and who enforced it.
  • To many diplomatic relations shows how many over you are.
  • Added a type to CCallAllyAction so you can more easily find how you were brought into the war.
  • Fix CB tooltips displaying countries repeatedly.
  • Distinguish between allies and coalition members when declaring war.


  • Sorted values in the "will AI accept peace?" tooltip in the peace view.
  • Added shield list to peace negotiation window so you can easily switch to other nations you are able to negotiate with.
  • Disabled "decrement gold" button in the peace view, if the current gold is 0.
  • Fixed scrollbar location in peace view


  • Now shows the owner of the colony's chance of attracting people, rather than the player's hypothetical chance.
  • Fixed accidentally renaming provinces to "Random province name"
  • Selecting Harsh Treatment now updates the other Harsh Treatment buttons according to remaining MIL power.
  • Changed in localisation so native "hostility" and "aggressiveness" (the same thing) is now known as "aggressiveness"
  • Enemy core creation modifier now showed as red since it is a negative modifier.
  • Fixed tooltip for claims so it shows correct information when a claim will be lost.
  • Don't show misleading tooltip for colonization growth while colonist is traveling.

Build Interface

  • The window for building a building that enhances manpower in a province that has >100% manpower inefficiency no longer shows a negative increase in manpower.


  • Fixed missing click sound on sort leader icons
  • Fixed a display issue where units were in combat, but was not displayed as such.
  • Forcemarch can now always be toggled off.
  • Display correct military tactics value from insufficient support penalty in combat.
  • Made the text for "make ruler/heir general" a bit clearer
  • Fixed missing tooltips for shock, fire, and morale pips.
  • Forced march tooltip text should work again.


  • Update supply limit tooltip text to be more clear.
  • Added explanation of the yellow stripes to the HRE mapmode tooltip.
  • Changed Revolt mapmode so it can show a greater range of revolt risks
  • Fixed so that clikcing a country with the diplomacy tab open updates the coalition map mode
  • Changed supply mapmode so that the colors are relative to the provinces with the currently lowest and highest supply limit.
  • Better tooltip text in colonisation mapmode.
  • Fixed swapped tooltips for vassalage in diplomatic mapmode
  • Repeat TI texture slightly more to make it tile perfectly.
  • Colonization mapmode colors and tooltips now reflect more accurate what is possible and not.
  • Added base outgoing value to tooltips for the outgoing links on the trade map mode.


  • Building complete message should now be working
  • A negative change in native aggressiveness or ferocity is now shown with green digits in events.
  • You now only get papal controller messages if you are catholic.
  • Fixed Call To Arms message to the Defender of the Faith so that it correctly shows why you are called into the war.
  • Show province names for provinces that was in TI when going to observe mode.
  • Message about enemy's allies joining your war should now be triggered.


  • Show merchant status in tooltip, since it can be hard to see what they are doing when they have long names.
  • Annexation should now correctly update in outliner, also it should show consistent progress both in diplomacy view and outliner.


  • Clarified decay factors in the prestige tooltip.
  • Revolt risk alert tooltip should now update when revolt risks changes.
  • Added tooltip text to explain that legitimacy is taken from leader when you are lesser in a union.
  • Added tooltips and hiding of incompatible savegame functionality to the ingame load menu as well.
  • Fixed buttons becoming greyed out when they should not in release nations screen.
  • Fixed so you can sort overextension on cores.
  • Don't set options unless clicking accept button.
  • Fix tab order in host game window.
  • Reset the correct text when clicking in matchmaking window.
  • Fixed certain cases that could cause you to click "through" the interface.
  • Shortcut keys have been added to country selection screen.

User Modding

  • define_heir and define_ruler can now set the age of the person
  • every_empty_neighbor_province effect now works correctly
  • Made a new effect for revolt risk in every country to reduce message spam for big countries.
  • Added "mods loaded" tag in save files
  • dynasty names from define_ruler is now used for republics as well if used.
  • Removed OCCUPATION_PROV_VAL_DECAY values from defines.lua as they are no longer used.
  • fx files now work properly for steam workshop.
  • Should no longer be possible to crash the game with weird names

Achievements & Ironman

  • Great leader for achievement is 5 or 6 fire, and 5 or 6 shock, nothing else now.
  • Fixed FOW/TI console command exploit in iron man mode

Events & Decisions

  • Tweaked quite a few requirements for country decisions.
  • Event flavor_pol.3488 "Turko-Polish Tension" should no longer spawn if there's already a claim/core
  • conventicle_act is now available for Christian countries instead of just Catholic
  • Event spawning Ikko-ikki rebels should no longer make them friendly to the owner of the province
  • Fixed a few bugs with turkish events relating to provincial system & the devshirme that made them not fire.


  • Tweaked chances for quite alot of missions.
  • nerfed national ideas for some minor countries.
  • MCH_ideas are available for QNG tag as well
  • Fixed MCH claims in Korea being converted to QNG claims after 1645
  • Replaced MCH legacy in history files with QNG
  • Castile and Aragon are no longer historical friends
  • Castile and Aragon will now tend to pick personalities that make them less likely to fight while The Iberian Wedding can still fire

Stability & Performance

  • Improved detection of when we should update opinion cache (rival, military rating and alliance changes)
  • Optimized a case where large rebel forces was spawned.
  • Settings from a savegame file is now used when loaded.
  • Settings stored in gameplaysettings.txt is used by default.
  • Fix crash when inspecting battle lines.
  • Fixed a crash and a UI layout issue related to rival selection.
  • Fixed bug where the game would crash when the player was annexed.
  • Fixed crash if a subunitdefinition was not found.
  • Fixed crash in border system related to wasteland provinces
  • Fixed crash that occurred when selecting a saved game while text was already selected.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when going back and forth between main menu and in game.
  • Don't send trade goods message threaded (caused crash on OSX and Linux)

Major Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where units would get incorrectly exiled after the end of a war
  • The attacker now stays attacker after an ally in a battle makes peace.
  • Fixed another bug that was causing trade fleets to be sent to the wrong side of the Red Sea
  • Outliner: Fixed issue with wrong country being displayed as annexing
  • Added missing gfx combat_terrain for desert_mountain
  • Strait information should now be correct after exiting and reloading a game.
  • Apply triggered modifiers at load and not at first monthly update.
  • Fixed so that capitals, units and buildings stays consistent when cycling through bookmarks before the start of a game.
  • Asian level 4 now have correct cavalry graphics
  • Fixed bug where protecting trade would not work if you owned all provinces in node

Minor Bugfixes

  • Fixed bug where no modifiers that decreased fabrication time were applied.
  • Fixed bug where interesting countries would be reset on loading game
  • Fixed bug where interesting country calcualtion would add all countries
  • Fixed bug where some nations would be shown as undiscovered in the diplomacy UI
  • Fixed bug where fabricate claim time could not be reduced by modifiers.
  • Fixed bug where fleets could not protect trade of Novgorod Trade Node if they started in Gulf of Finland.
  • Fixed bug where supply limit mapmode would not be updated if a new unit was selected.
  • Fixed some minor typos in various parts of the game.
  • Fixed claim reduction percentage in LOADING_TIP_10
  • Added missing localization for Go to button in decision message
  • Country: Don't save relation for null tag in save game
  • Removed fabricate claim message that was not true ("agent expelled and sent home").
  • Fixed text colorization issue.
  • Fix tooltip when taking many provinces.
  • Fixed erronous tooltip for offensive morale when recruiting regiments in province view.
  • Fixed bug where refusing military access to someone meant that you would like them less, instead of the other way around.
  • Fixed bug where the DIP cost would not be zero for vassalization even though it was the wargoal.
  • Fixed bug where no DIP power was deducted when annexing.
  • Fixed bug where you could vassalize countries that had all their countries already ceded.
  • Fixed bug where mapmodes would not update on province deselct
  • Fixed bug where province would not be selected when clicking "select province" in siege view
  • Fixed bug where "suggest peace" would add returns of cores that were promised to other nations.
  • Fixed bug where released nations would not get a truce with the country that forced them to be released.
  • Fixed bug where going back to start menu would not reset secondary map mode
  • If subunit definitions are not found, will now default to preferred infantry type (aka, support usermods)
  • Eastern Start Bastion icon fix.
  • Cb on pagans now fits properly in NI frame.

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