**New features [#y1db9511]

***新しい配下国システム"保護領" [#sd96586e]

プレイヤー国よりもかなり下位のtech groupに属する国は、属国の代わりに保護領となる。
-If a nation is of too low a technology group compared to you, they will become a protectorate instead of a vassal. 

保護領はtrade powerの50%を宗主国に与え、また、宗主国は保護領のtrade rangeを使用できる。
-Protectorates give 50% of their trade power to their overlord, but get -25% technology cost for it. 

保護領はtech costに-25%のボーナスを得、西洋化したとき、自動的に独立国へと戻る。
-If a protectorate westernizes, they automatically become independent again. You can also trace trade range from your protectorates.

***気候システムの見直し [#bbbe2d6c]

-Map mode showing climate zones, and different climates now have more specific effects. 

冬と気候のアイコンがprovince viewの画面に表示される。
-Winter & Climate Icons are also shown in province view.

-Winter only affects hostile attrition now.

-Climate now have impact on colonization.

***Tariff [#e7b0e40e]

-Old system for tariffs completely gone.

-Colonial nations now give a percentage of ALL their income as tariffs, starting at 10%.

tariffの割合は植民地ごとに行われ、25のadmin powerごと2.5%のtariffと5%のLiberty desire(後述)が上昇する
-Increasing tariffs is done per colony, for 25 admin power for +2.5% Tariffs and +5% Liberty Desire in the colony.

***Liberty Desire [#f929c1d7]
植民地の属国はLiberty desireが50%以上であれば、宗主国に宣戦布告できる。100%になると自動的に宣戦布告する。
-Colonial subjects can declare war on their overlords at 50% liberty desire, and will do it automatically at 100%.

Liberty desireがTariffの割合より低ければ、毎年1%ずつ増加する。
-If Liberty Desire is lower than Tariff Percentage, they increase by 1% each year.

Liberty desireはmanpower増加、維持費の低下など植民地の属国に有利に働く。
-Liberty Desire grants more manpower and cheaper maintenance for the colonial subject.

***Added new option to 'Abandon Colony', for when you want to give up on a province. [#a035982c]

***「西洋化」の変更 [#hc4b9c08]

-Westernization no longer requires non-negative stability.

西洋化中の+200%stabilityコストはなくなったが、代わりに+5 Revolt Riskが続く。
-While westernizing, you no longer get +200% stability costs, but instead +5RR.

西洋化の進歩は安定度に依存しなくなったが、(可能であれば)毎月10ずつ進歩し、5000で西洋化達成となる(この数値はtech groupにより変化する)
-Westernization no longer depends on stability, but instead progress +10 from each power each month if possible.. When progress hits 5000, modified by techgroup, its finished.

西洋化イベントは「bad effect」か「4ヶ月分の進歩を放棄する」の2択となる。
-Westernization events are now "bad effect" or "give up 4 months progress".

-You can now see more details about effect of westernization and estimated finish date in the interface.

-When westernization is finished, it will be truly finished, and no rebels can change that fact.

***新しい5個のachievement [#f0462ca3]

-In The Name of the Father - Get 100% Patriarch Authority. 
-The Rising Sun  - Conquer all of Japan as a European nation.
-The Five Colonies - Have five colonial subjects.
-The Re-Reconquista - Own all of Iberia as Granada
-Turn the Table - Swap to one of your colonial subject from a 1444 start and vassalize your former overlord.

***その他 [#m9ba2b35]
4つの新しいmap mode: 気候、trade goods、冬、連盟  
- Added four new map modes, for climate, trade goods, winter & federations.

- A New Interface has been added, where you can view all your current subjects, and view their benefits to your nation.

- Added a new loading screen to game.

新大陸の勢力向けの汎用idea group
- Added a generic idea group for those with native mechanics.

植民地国家向けのtech group
- Added idea group for colonial nations.

Huron, Iroqouis, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Pueblo, ShawneeとCreek向けの新idea group
- Added idea groups for Huron, Iroqouis, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Pueblo, Shawnee & Creek.

cocoaをtrade goodsとして追加
- Added cocoa trade good.

- Added lots of new countries in Eastern Africa & Northern America.

- Added new pagan religion Totemism for North American Natives.

**Game Balance [#zdd58852]

***Trade goods [#ca4dc318]

新Trade node「Western Europe」を追加、Sevilla,Bordeaux,AntwerpenとLondonに流れていく。
- Added new trade node Western Europe, leading to Sevilla, Bordeaux, Antwerpen & London

CaribbeanからSevillaとBordeauxには流れなくなるが、代わりにWestern Europeに流れる。
- Caribbean no longer leads to Sevilla & Bordeaux, but instead to Western Europe.

ChesapeakeからLondonとBordeauxの代わりにWestern Europeに流れる。
- Moved Chesapeake connection from London & Bordeaux to Western Europe.

Mauriranian coastはSevillaではなくWestern Europeに流れる。
- Mauritanian coast now leads to Western Europe instead of Sevilla.

- California now also feeds Mississippi.

MississippiからSt Lawrenceにも流れるようになる。
- Mississippi  now also feeds St Lawrence.

- Basra now also feeds Persia.

- Genoa now feeds into Bordeuax.

- Malacca now feeds into Zanzibar.

- Indus now feeds into Samarkand.

古いセーブデータをロードした場合、新しいtrade nodeに差し替えられる。
- Trade nodes are now repaired if older save-games are loaded.

- removed kashmir-indus link

- Sevilla is now an end-node.
- Venice and Sevilla are now determined as proper end nodes for power propagation chains, just as Antwerp is.

***Trade [#f0749ea9]

いくつかのtrade goodsの価格を修正、想定以下の価値になっていたtrade goodsの価値を上昇。
- Reworked some prices on trade goods, boosting some under performing trade-goods.

trade powerは空の上流にも伝播するようになる。(ちょっとこれの意味が分からないです、申し訳ない)
- Trade power now propagate upstream into empty trade nodes.

首都からのtrade powerが上流に伝播するようになる。
- Capitals now propagate power upstream.

2以下のtrade powerは伝播されない。
- Trade power below 2 is not propagated upstream.

上流へ伝播するtrade powerは均等に分けられる。
- Upstream propagation is now split between all incoming links where valid.

伝播されたtrade powerだけでもtrade nodeへの影響力は発生する。(tradeの円グラフも修正)#以前は伝播のみだとtrade power=0とされていた模様
- A trading nation is no longer counted as having no presence if it only has transferred trade power (also fixes the ever growing trade piechart)

配下の国からのtrade powerのボーナスを削除。
- Removed trade power malus from lesser governments.

本拠地のtrade nodeがtrade rangeの外であっても交易が可能に。
- Now possible to trade in your home node even if its out of range

宗主国は保護領や植民地の属国からtrade powerを得る。
- Colonial & Protector overlords now get power in all trade nodes their subjects have power as well.

- Merchants now have a proper travel time again.

***Ideas [#u5b413fd]

スペインの固有Ideaの"Inter Caetera"は(スペインにとっての)distant overseaの植民地国家に支配されている州スにclaimを得る。
- Spanish idea 'Inter Caetera' now allows you to claim any province owned by a colonial country or that is overseas for spain.

- Russian ambitions nerfed from 100% to 50% manpower.

- Nerfed Prussian & Japanese ideas slightly.

敵のCore creation costを+200%する効果は+100%に弱体化される
- All +200% enemy core creation are now +100% enemy core creation.

- Gave the Italian ideas a nice boost.

religious ideaのコンプリートボーナスの効果を100%から50%に弱体化
- Religious ideas finisher nerfed from 100% to 50%.

Diplomatic ideaを強化、"reduced stab impact"を取得すると婚姻を破ってもstabilityへの影響がなくなる
- Boosted diplomatic ideas some, including 'reduced stab impacts' no longer giving stability penalties for breaking royal marriages.

フランスのideaの"Native Trading Principles"は"leaving natives alone"の選択肢を取った場合に、taxとmanpowerを増加させる
- Native Trading Principles (french idea) now also increases the tax/mp gain from leaving natives alone by 25%.

ポルトガルのambitionを+20% Tariffsに変更
- Portugal's ambition is now +20% Tariffs.

"Global Empire"の効果を+25% navy force limitに変更。
- Global Empire idea is now 25% naval force-limits.

***score [#e452134b]

- Score rank & ratings are now saved in save-game files.

- Score increase increases faster closer to the end of the game, and gives far less at the start of the game.

- Annexed countries is still in the score-list now, if they had accumulated points.

- Quality of leaders now impact score-rank instead of just +1 for each leader, and is now capped at +5 for leaders.

- Protectorates give less score than other dependencies.

50以下のRepublican traditionやLegitimacyはScoreに悪い影響を与える。
- Below 50 republican tradition or legitimacy is now negative on score.

- Score for fleets now depend on amount of cannons, not amount of ships.

州を占領されたままでいることはAdministrative scoreに大きな悪影響を及ぼす。
- Being occupied is a severe drawback to your administrative score.

War-exhaustionはmilitary scoreを減少させる。
- War-exhaustion reduces your military score now.

マイナスのwar scoreはdiplomacy scoreの計算に影響を及ぼす。
- Negative war score now have an impact on score calculation for diplomacy.

Dip scoreのstrong allyボーナスは相手との収入比でなく軍事力に依って決定される。
- Strong ally bonus on dip score now depends on those with stronger military power, not those with at least 50% of your income.

***Technology [#ob45e27f]

Tech costはその系統のidea1つごと0.7%、コンプリートしたidea group1つごと5%減少する。
- Techs costs are now reduced by about 5% for each full idea group of that category. Each idea reduces by 0.7%.

TEch costはゲームの進行に従いゆるやかに上昇する(最後には+20%)。
- Techs now slowly increase in cost over time (20% for late-game techs)

American Tech Groupはレベル1の状態から始まる。
- American tech groups now start at level 1.

***Armies [#f2198434]

- Exiled units will no longer cause natives to spawn.

- Armies at ships no longer reinforce at all.

- Armies at ships now always take 1% attrition, and not depending on naval supply limits.

- Re-balanced some recruitment speed modifiers.

- When a unit goes to board transports, all attached units will now be detached

***Navies [#q3e7b68b]

- Pirates only spawn outside coasts of those that can build ships.

- naval leaders no longer get unused bonus siege values.

"Not patrolled"を削除。
- removed the "not-patrolled" modifier from the game.

- Not possible to give move order for more than one province into TI

- Dependency relations now allow each other to repair their ships in each ports.

***Force Limits [#a3612867]

海に接する植民地州からnaval force limitが増加するようになる。
- Colonial States now provide basic naval force limit from their ports. (ie, not buildings)

Vassalと植民地州は宗主国のland force limitを増加させる。
- Vassals & Colonial states now provide land force limits to their overlords.

***Combat [#y1e7ca41]

- Tweaked terrain penalties on combat width and attacker a bit down .

- Units now take 10% more morale damage in combat.

- Each day, every unit in a combat now loses 0.01 morale.

Native ferocityはnativeが受けるダメージを軽減する。
- Native ferocity now also reduce damage taken.

- Shattered retreat now have a cap of no longer than 10 provinces.

- A unit retreating shattered will now stop retreating when it reaches maximum morale.

- The prestige from naval/land combat modifier now increases the cap of how much you can get from a combat as well.

***Colonization [#i7ac73fd]

- Overseas provinces now give production income again, but with a -100% local production efficiency.

- Colonial Nations are now formed if you own more than 5 provinces in the same colonial region in the New World, and you lose core on these provinces.

- Colonial nations have a 10% penalty on their colonists giving a boost & only get 25% growth in their colonies.

- Colonies now properly autocore when they become a city.

- Fixed an inconsistency between displayed and actual settler growth

- You can now colonize adjacent to colonial subjects.

"No Adjacent Controlled"ペナルティはそこでは適用されない。
- No Adjacent Controlled penalty on colonial growth is not applied adjacent to your colonial subjects.

***Cores [#x47539e9]

- The cores of annexed nations now take twice as long to disappear

- Reduced core decay time for same culture group to 100 years from 150

- Colonial conquest outside of region for a colony to core is 75% cost and 25% inside their colonial region.

- Fixed an issue with cores not disappearing on the correct dates.

***Comets [#s57438f5]

- Comet Sighted is a bit more rare now.

スコットランドのidea "Comets"を取ると隕石はさらにレアなものとなる。
- Having the Scottish national idea "Comets" now properly reduces the chance of Comet Sighted significantly.

"Comet Sighted"のイベントに他の選択肢を追加。
- Comet Sighted now have another option for those that like choice.

***Diplomacy [#abcd4ea3]

- Cancelling vassalization will now create a truce with the released state

- Cancelling vassalization now only results in losing 25 prestige (no stability hit)

- Royal marriages will not break if a regent dies.

配下国はexpansion CBを使えなくなる。
- Subjects no longer get expansion cb's.

プレイヤーの配下国はlucky nationにならない。
- Subjects to a player can not become lucky nations.

配下国はsell provinceが不可能になる。
- Subject nations can no longer sell provinces

***Opinions [#daa51f3b]

- Fixed broken opinion modifiers for vassal states

- Added opinion bonuses for having union, colonial or protectorate dependency.

- Large countries no longer get any additional AE for being large when gaining AE.

- AE reduction for giving away provinces is now applied to the country giving up the provinces.

- Some cases where AE was not scaling over the world, now scales properly.

- Fixed some inconsistencies in the AE system caused by leftover code from the old BB system

***War & Peace [#hded202b]

- If you send a stabhitting peaceoffer, your callforpeace penalty is reset.
- Scripting separate badboy_factor and prestige_factor for defender in wargoal now works
- Re-scripted all wargoals that use separate attacker/defender settings
- wargoals are now applied at all cases in peacescore calculations.
- Release Nation and Annex now deducts provinces ceded properly when calculating final peacescore.
- CORECLAIM_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION in two separate cost reductions
- CORE_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION now gives 20% reduction
- Not possible to call to arms if they are already called
- If you are a daimyo and force another daimyo to release another daimyo, then that daimyo will become a proper vassal of Japan now.
- Making a country a protectorate will now break all their alliances

***Pagan [#pb72934f]

- Religious conversion of pagans is now +2% instead of +10%.

Paganの州はdefensivenessでのペナルティがなくなり、-1のrevolt riskを得る。
- Pagans no longer have a penalty on defensiveness, but get a -1 rr.

- Nerfed pagan religions.

***Holy Roman Empire [#m46b54a0]

Revoking the Privilegiaが発令されたときに帝国を抜けると、選帝侯の地位を剥奪される。
- Leaving the empire at Revoking the Privilegia also removes electorateship.

- Emperor now gets claim on all provinces previously in the empire when someone leaves it.

- Electors no longer have a -50 to vassalization when the empire is inheritable.

十分な数の選帝侯が揃っていない時、Imperial Authorityを低下させる。(以前は文だけで実際にIAは減っていなかった模様)
- Having less electors than desired is now an actual penalty on the imperial authority.

***Misc [#weccb18d]

- Removed obsolete colonial type rebels.

- Governments that cannot use royal marriages will now get a random ruler on startup if they have a Regency.

#Check versusというのは数学やコンピューターの言葉らしく、私は疎いので上手く訳せませんでした
(普通に"Gold入手によるインフレ上昇は全ての種類の月間収入をチェックするようになった" ということかと。
- Inflation from gold income now checks versus ALL monthly income types.

- Mecca and Rome are now religious centers, which are practically impossible to convert.

**AI [#b0452397]
***Strategic AI [#q744ef76]

- AI: Added proper logic for raising tariffs

- AI: Will not launch any overseas invasions if they are a colonial nation

- AI: Will no longer desire a province simply because it contains a strait

- Fixed a bug where the AI would be hostile to countries it had no interest in conquering or vassalizing

- Improved AI army strength evaluation logic when planning a war

- AI: More consistent about which countries it wants to conquer versus which countries it wants to vassalize/make protectorate

- AI: Better at using multiple colonists at once

- AI: Migrants will not bother with buildings unless they have a large amount of cash

- AI: Will no longer create more generals than it needs

- AI: Smarter about where to assign their best leaders

- AI: Will no longer hold up peace to chase down scattered colonial holdings when it has won a crushing victory

- AI: Should no longer select colonies as rivals unless they are a colonial country under a different overlord

- AI: Should no longer select vassals as rivals under most circumstances

- AI: Colonial nations will now only colonize territory that is either adjacent or in their own colonial region

- AI: Will now prefer to focus on a single colonial region at a time when colonizing

- AI: Less likely to pick the 'Threatened' attitude over 'Outraged' against countries with high AE

- AI: Will now never move its capital to an isolated province

***Decision & Event AI [#v324d1ad]

Blasphemy act, Act of Uniformity, Sunday school, conventicle actとTest actを取るようになる。
- AI better at taking blasphemy_act, act_of_uniformity, sunday_school, conventicle_act and test_act

80%の確率でAの選択肢を"Tensions between nobles and clergy"で選ぶようになる
- 80% chance of AI picking option A in event 874 "Tensions between nobles and clergy"

# Diplomatic AI 

- AI: Will no longer insult countries just for having a high opinion of them unless it is planning a war with them

- AI: Less willing to be vassalized by a non-HRE state if they are an HRE state

- AI: Will no longer make protectorates out of primitives unless they too are primitives

separate peaceは微かに結びにくくなる
- AI: Now slightly less willing to make peace if it is a separate peace

military accessとfleet basing rightsを関係が悪い国に認めている時、それをキャンセルするようになる
- AI: Will now cancel treaties of military access and fleet basing rights it is granting to countries if relations with those countries deteriorate

- Colonial nations are now much more interested in buying provinces in their colonial region

- AI: Will no longer care about annuling treaties that do not contain an alliance

***Trade AI [#r9d5858c]

trade valueが無いnodeに商人を送らなくなる
- AI: Will no longer send merchants to a node that has no trade value

- AI: Will now make more use of embargos

他国のsteeringの量を考えた上でどこのtrade nodeからsteerするのか決定する
- AI: Now takes into account other countries' steering when determining what node to steer trade to

- AI: Better at determining when collecting in capital is worth it over other options

最大限の交易収入を得るためにどこにlight shipsを派遣するかの決定を調整
- Tweaked financial AI to make it better at assigning trade fleets for maximum income

trade nodeの重要性を考える際に、将来的な収入も加味する
- Trade AI now also weights in potential incoming trade when evaluating a node.

- When the AI request a new trade fleet it will now NOT receive damaged units

***Army AI [#l296d2c4]

- AI: Now takes into account nomad shock bonus for the purposes of estimating strength of armies

- AI: Now pays more attention to supply limits when deciding to attach to friendly armies

- AI: Will no longer attach to units that are boarding transports

- AI: Fixed some issues with army AI incorrectly weighting odds against enemy units at low levels of morale

- AI: Improved army AI logic for determining when an ally needs assistance in battle

- AI: Now factors in effect of terrain when determining whether to stay put and face an incoming enemy

- AI: Will no longer always attempt to retreat 1 day ahead of an incoming enemy

- AI: More likely to walk home instead of using ships when exiled in territories close to home

- Fixed a bug where AI units would keep moving to attack a province and then abort because they wrongly calculated on support from nearby friendly units

- Fixed an issue in army AI that was causing AI to 'dance' between targets

- Fixed a bug where you could lock up AI armies by repeatedly moving into and then cancelling movement into their province.

***Navy AI [#he49bb75]

- AI: Will no longer care about invading unimportant enemy islands unless they have nothing better to do

***AI Bug Fixes [#j309a069]

- Fixed a bug where AI armies would stand around doing nothing next to enemy armies due to low manpower

"Vassal desire"ではなく"Military desire"を照合していたバグを修正
- Fixed a bug where the AI checked military access desire instead of vassal desire.

- Fixed a bug where the AI would lift sieges because a friendly army passing through was mistaken as wanting to take over the siege

- Fixed some issues with countries incorrectly getting the vassal attitude towards other countries who were not their overlord

- Fixed a bug where the AI would continually start and abort invasions on heavily defended targets

敵勢力が低いwarscoreのときにSuggest Offerが壊れていたバグを修正
- Fixed a bug that was breaking the Suggest Offer option when the enemy had low warscore

- Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to make very odd picks for rivals

- Fixed a bug where exiled AI armies would not return home because of nearby rebel armies

- Fixed a bug where the AI would maintain rivalries with countries long after those countries ceased to be relevant to them

- Fixed a bug where the AI would win an independence war but not demand independence because they preferred core provinces

war leaderでもないにも関わらず属国化を同盟国のために要求することがあったバグを修正
- Fixed a bug where the AI could demand vassalage on behalf of an ally even when not war leader

- Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to overpriorizie collecting downstream from capital

- Fixed a bug where the AI would be extremely unwilling to make peace due to having more max manpower than current manpower

***misc [#ndde5329]

- Made some optimizations with the AI, distance calculations and diplomatic actions.

- AI Personalities are now visible in the interface

- Interregnums after game start will now correctly show up as such

- Optimized diplomatic AI.

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